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Florida Lottery Truckside Advertising

"We created a media mix for our client,, that included radio online ads, and a huge nationwide truckside advertising campaign, using Magellan Transit Media. The truckside adverting outperformed the radio and online ads, generating more registrations for the contest to Win Free Travel. ran 392 trucks in 26 markets across the U.S.

"By using Magellan's truckside as a key element in the campaign, OneTravel was able to get its message out to a broad range of people during the day, especially to those people who travel significant miles in their vehicles. Because truckside advertising adds the element of movement, it extends the reach of the message, getting it in front of more people than a stationary billboard can.

"We are looking forward to future campaigns for our clients using Magellan Transit Media."
-- Ric Roth, RMR Advertising Ads in 26 Markets
"I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate all that Magellan has done for my client, Nextel. By adding truckside advertising to our media mix, I feel that Nextel's message was able to penetrate several areas of metro-Atlanta that we could not have otherwise reached with standard outdoor."
-- Laina Maxwell, The Creative Outdoor Group, LLC
"As you know, Magellan's Truckside advertising was part of BusinessWeek's 2000 fourth quarter media buy. I cannot tell you how much feedback we received on this advertising. Clients in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York called their respective sales representatives to remark on the trucks".
-- Eileen Patti, BusinessWeek Magazine

"Thanks for all your hard work in making our Manhattan campaign a success this year. We appreciate all that Magellan did to make sure our advertising was up and running at a critical time for us. We received many comments that the SuperPages trucks were out and about from our sales teams and customers. We feel those trucks made a real impact on our business! It's been great working with you and I look forward to working with you in 2002 on some more business that will help both of our great companies."
Rolando Rivas, Verizon Information Services

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